Hunchbacks and Gargoyles

After a long break I’m finally going through the last pictures from my trip to Europe in September.

Morning Subway
If you like it then you’d better put a lock on it
A little taste of Luxembourg
See no evil
keep on the grass
A subway scene
Back to Notre Dame
Looking out over the city
The good, the bad, and the ugly
The hunchback of Notre Dame
By day a stone gargoyle, by night a fighter of crime
The spire
Boat tour
Going under the bridge
More subways!
Sun sets on the triumph of Paris
Round and round
The Eiffel tower (again)
Sunlight starts turning to gold
Getting a nice pic
Looking toward downtown
The tower is searching for someone

Visiting Versailles

After a long break I’m finally going through the last pictures from my trip to Europe in September.

Peasants at the gates
Inside the palace walls
The gardens
The chapel
Louis again
The hall of mirrors, best place to take a selfie
A french bee
Only picture before they shut the fountains off
The gardens of Versailles
Stuck in quicksand
Secret garden

Art and Eiffel

After a long break I’m finally going through the last pictures from my trip to Europe in September.

The french pioneered the glass pyramid as a holistic healing device
A fancy room
The crown jewels
Winged Victory of Samothrace
The only thing greater than the size of this museum is the number of visitors
A lucky shot of the Venus de Milo without any other tourists in frame
Cultural appropriation… err… I mean, a sphinx?
Concentrating on framing
Feel that healing power
Posing with a local bicycle cabby
The Eiffel Tower
Not quiet a Space Needle, but its still nice.
Worlds largest sundial
Looking down at where we’ve been
Boats on the Seine
The Trocadéro across the river
Getting a nice picture
Wow, what an original picture
Do it for the Instagram
This would look good on Instagram
You have something on your head
Still not taller
Wandering the streets at night
Some great neon signs lighting the dark streets

All Signs Point to Paris

After a long break I’m finally going through the last pictures from my trip to Europe in September.

After taking the train from Brussels to Paris and getting settled in our new AirBnB. We still had some time in the day to visit a few churches before on the way to get some ice cream.

Notre Dama
Ice cream

Snowing in Seattle

It doesn’t snow often in Seattle. Which is good because it is a very hilly city without the infrastructure to remove snow. On the rare occasion when it does snow this circumstances leave residents with only one option for getting around the city.

Skiing down Fremont hill

Snow Day

This week the impossible has happened. Its been snowing in Seattle. This is a little hilarious and a little terrifying as it is a very hilly city with nearly no infrastructure for snow or ice. It was nice on Monday to work from home and look out the window at the pristine white layers.

A Snow Day

The forecast is predicting twice as much snow again this weekend which might mean the largest snowfall for the city in over 20 years. People are stocking up on groceries ready to be snowed in, but I wonder if I’ll be able to ski down the Fremont hill.

Mill Valley

Some people may say that things are never black and white. To those people I would direct them up to the mountains on a cold winter morning and see a dark world covered in fresh snow. I managed a picture of this winter wonderland while skiing this weekend, with the clouds just retreating back up into the sky and a light dusting on all the trees.

Mill Valley

The Horror

Recently I’ve been playing Arkham Horror the card game. It’s a living card game adaptation of the Arkham Horror board games with many mechanical improvements. One thing its share with its progenitor is that there are a lot of cards and pieces and it can become a confusing mess quite quickly.

blog-2018-08-21 22.45.55

The table after playing Curse of the Rougarou with the unpainted markers

One thing I do like about the Arkham Horror board game is the modular interlocking board pieces that become the setting of the game. Since all the card games has is cards each location becomes a card and instead of interlocking cardboard connectors there is complicated system of symbols on each location card noting which other locations its accessible from.


Painted and weathered token next to an unaltered one

I was not the only one who found this confusing. Users on Thingiverse had uploaded 3D models of arrow tokens which can be used instead to show the connections between the locations. Firing up the 3D printer I printed out a batch. The tokens were very nice, but the flat plastic color didn’t fit the 1920 noir theme of the rest of the game. With a little gold and black paint that was also remedied.


The markers in use


A fleet of tokens waiting to be used

Link to the Location Connectors STL

Link to the play mat