Out on a walkabout

Today I had no rush to get home. Its was beautiful day by Seattle’s standards. I walked to the bus stop and then just kept walking, trying to go down streets and paths that I had never explored before. An urban hike, with thousands of trails to choose from.

It was an exploitative and meditative experience, and though I did not have my camera with me, I did get a couple of nice photos.

Viewing my starting point from about halfway

Home is a welcome sight after miles of hills

To the EMP and beyond

This weekend the EMP museum opened its new special exhibit, a massive collection of props and costumes from all of Star Trek. I highly recommend to all who find Star Trek interesting to go see it. It is a very different side of the Shows and movies, as with most props they all look very fake and plasticity close up, taking away a lot of the realism of the props and effects, but giving a scene of size and scale that is impossible to display in screen.

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Out for a Hike


Heading out to the mountains


Up a narrow gravel road


Preparing to depart


Into the woods


Shoom did not make the best shoe choice today


Beware the local chainsaw-bears, very deadly.


A very lively stump


More mud


Nature from afar


Nature up close


Continuing on


Over a perilous bridge


Through some felled trees


A tree


Barclay lake


The Lone Mountain


Taking a photo


Sitting in the trees


Admiring the lake


Everyone made it to the end

A Sacrificial Centerpiece

Going to a local barbecue shack near by we had enough people to be seated in the secluded back room, which had only a single large table with this amazing and terrifying centerpiece. Luckily I was not seated directly facing the skull as it would make it a little more difficult to enjoy my brisket while looking into the empty sockets of the head of the animal which I am enjoying. Though very odd the centerpiece is rather fascinating, a horned skull, bleached and covered with wax from the many lit candles covering it while surrounded by veladoras, or prayer candles, and fresh flowers. It really gave the appearance of an alter honoring one of the animals which make barbecue possible.

2016-04-23 16.24.32

A Spot of Weather

The National Weather Service is reporting that this winter is the wettest winter in Seattle by volume on record. This leads a air of validation to all the recent transplants who seem to make up the majority of Seattle population. We will have bragging rites on future transplants as we are able to say that we survived the dreaded winter of 2015-2016.


Its a tough life for drains in Seattle


As a huge fan of Portlandia and how well it seems to sum up what I have experienced of the city and some the the general peculiarities of the Pacific North West I was very entertained by this fan made homage to the opening to Portlandia featuring the landmarks and people of Seattle instead.